Saturday, April 12, 2014

I need work

Hi guys !!

I would like to give you some news.
It's been a long time since I don't post anything over there.
As some of you already know, my private life is a bit complicated and I have to fight against financial difficulties.
So... If you need some C, java, embedded development for a short period of time, i can be your man !
Please consider this proposal as freetime job.
Just let me know.

Thank you for all the comments you gave me for my work. Robin


  1. Hi Robin,
    Which is your hourly rate for C/java programming ?
    Do you have some Android programming knowledge ?
    Where are you located ?

    Best Regards,
    Christian Ledwith

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  3. Hi Christian.
    I live in France (near Nancy and Bordeaux).
    I have pretty strong knowledge in C programming language (mostly for embedded development) but I switch to Java since few months (mostly osgi framework).
    I don't have true practice in Android development but I'm definitely interested (this the reason why I switch to Java)

  4. Hi ,
    I hope you are fine. Do you have a Elance account ? I would like to have a word with you .

  5. Sorry, I don't have an Elance account.
    I didn't even know Elance till now !

    Best Regards,

  6. Hi,

    I would like to order from you several HC05 Bluetooth pieces with the HID firmware downloaded to them.
    If you are interested then please contact me at this mail:


  7. Hi Robin,

    If your request is still valid than it really matches to my need.
    I've just jumped into Bluetooth programing. I work on a project where a device would send and receive some small data packages via bluetooth. My first idea was to use a simple BT module like HC-05 or so and send data driven by an AVR.
    Then I realized that these BT modules have an MCU so I can save the additiona AVR, because the MCU on the BT module would be able to run an additional simple program to do some extra job. For this the CC2541 seems a good solution, but I have no preference.
    So I need some help or cooperation on this. Of course not for free.

    If you are interesting please contact me:


  8. If this is still valid request, just contact me via : and we have a go for a project with LED/bluetooth/smartphone-app ? If this is within your limitations im looking forward to your email.
    Best Paul

  9. Is it possible to modify the hc05 firmware so that the rts and dtr pins follow rts/dtr on the computer (like the Adafruit Ez-Link)?

  10. Hi, maybe you can find in here

    i hope it will help you


  11. Hi Dean,

    I am a DSP engineer focus on the Kalimba DSP (CSR86705 's internal DSP) for the past 4 years, my daily work is implementing algorithm on Kalimba, I am familiar with its assemblly language, and the framework/architechure, I think I am be able to complete your requirement,

    you can contact me with the Email: and the phone: +8613725571350 008613725571350

    Best wishes.

  12. Whats up dude i no its been a while back you posted this,, but i am just seeing it. do you need a job? if yes email me


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