Thursday, January 26, 2012

[DRAFT] Byron's programmer details

This post will talk about the conception of my programmer. Thank's to my colleague Alexis, we think about a cool way to flash 20 Linvor module with HC05 firmware.
The goal was to not have to solder all these modules to program them.
So first, here comes the LPT programmer. Since I'm a kind of sniper with my glue gun, I decided to solder it without PCB neither protoboard.

As Steve Jobs can no longer say : "It's AMAZING, uh ?" (RIP)

Concerning the case, I wanted to ensure an excellent pin contact with the module. I opted for some test pins (with spring). The hard part was to make pretty sexy and reliable.

As you can see I just add a knob soldered on a pogo pin.
This can facilitate the module insertion and provide a funny way to reset the bluetooth chip !